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Pool Deck Finishes

Pool Deck Finishes by Concrete Restoration Services aren’t just beautiful, they are a necessity, providing an anti-slip texture designed to reduce slip and fall accidents on wet surfaces. The best part is that these finishes can be installed to new or existing pool decks almost regardless of the condition.


Understand first and foremost that these finishes are NOT simply a paint or sealer. These finishes consist of a time tested, polymer modified cement that chemically bonds with the concrete surface. When properly applied, these finishes are permanent and will provide years of beauty and anti-slip protection. In addition to being extremely durable (stronger than conventional concrete), these finishes are weather proof, resistant to damaging UV rays (Unlike similar epoxy finishes), pool chemicals, and staining, and can be used indoors or outdoors in the harshest of climates-below freezing or desert heat.


Depending on the look and design you chose, these finishes range in thickness from 1/16’’ to 1/4” thick and we can creature virtually any design idea you can dream up. From stone to brick or tile to wood, the pattern, texture and color options are limitless.


These finishes are used on large commercial pool decks around the world as well as on thousands of residential pool decks. In fact, our finishes are installed on most major hotel chains and university pool decks in the world.


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